Film: Growing Solidarity. Copenhagen Architecture Festival. October 7 - 17 2021. Further screenings @ Migrant Connections Festival. September 18 2021.
︎Watch Here


Workshop Guest: Hospitality and the Politics of Curfew. Nina Kolowratnik and Johannes Pointl. hostileenvironments.eu. May 21 - 28 2021.

Workshop Guest: The Border Infrastructures in the Era of Post-Anthropocene: Mapping the Non-Human Entanglements. Nishat Awan & Pelin Tan. November 2 - 7 2019, Mardin, Turkey.

Workshop Facilitator: How to stop charter flights and end deportations. Various events incl. We Rise 2019, IMKAAN x gal-dem, European Ideas Lab and Earth First! April 2017 - 2019.
Film: Violent Borders. Screened in various venues incl. SPACE Studios, Goldsmiths University of London, Migration Film Festival and Radical Residency, London. April 2017 - 2019. ︎Watch Here 

Editor: STRIKE! magazine. January 2017 - January 2019. ︎︎︎Read Here

Residency: Migrant Landscapes. Paessagi Migranti, Italy. May 22 - 31 2017.

Workshop Facilitator: Connecting Struggles for Systems Change. 
The Political Spring School, Denmark. May 19 - 21 2017.

Exhibition: SELF - ORGANISE. Crown House Creative, London. November 24 - 28 2017. 

Exhibition: Facilitating Feminism
What Happened to Us? Wimbledon Space, Wimbledon College of Art. November 15 - December 9 2016.

Exhibition: Design for Social Agency. International Design Congress, South Korea. October 2015.

Exhibition: MA Degree Summer Show. Chelsea College of Art, The University of the Arts London. September 4 - 11 2015.

Exhibition: TransActing: A Market of Values. Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground. Critical Practice and Publicworks. July 11 2015.



Panel: The intimate interiors of everyday bordering: Navigating architectures of temporality, compliance and contingency in the asylum regime for COVID-19 and Home: Symposium 24 - 25 Nov 2021. Museum of Home and Queen Mary University of London. 


Panel: Floating Asylums and Detention Islands: Speculating Post Brexit Britain and Carceral Genealogies of Border Architecture for Border as Speculative Infrastrucure: Between probabilities and possibilities. Royal Geographical Society Conference. August 31 - September 3 2021.

Organiser: Practising Solidarity for Border Abolition in Border Abolition Conference 2021. June 18 - 19 2021. 

Book Launch: Border Nation by Leah Cowen in conversation with Helen Brewer. Hosted by Pluto Press. March 18 2021. ︎Watch Here

Seminar: Mobilising Solidarity Infrastructures for Sociology and Policy Research Seminar, Aston University. March 17 2021. 

Panel: Hostile Environments Conference for Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers and United Voices of the World Legal Sector Workers Union. October 24 2020.

Panel: From Prevent to Deportations: State Violence Against the Other. SOAS University of London. December 5 2019.

Panel: Borders, State Violence and Civil Disobedience. King’s College, University of Cambridge. March 8 2019.  

Panel: F.fwrd.f: Transnational Feminism; Queering Bodies and Borders. UCL. February 8 2019.

Panel: DOPE on Not Another Anarchist Book Fair. Freedom Bookshop, London. October 20 2018. 

Panel: Manchester International Festival. VICE Census Live. June 15 2017.

Panel: Protest Factory. The Finnish Institute in London. The Live Art Development Agency. April 29 2017.

Panel: Organising Knowledge(s) in Resistance Spaces. Queen Mary, University of London. March 31 2017. 

︎︎︎ TEXTS

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No Deportations! No Borders! Despatches after court in The Socialist Lawyer. 2021.


Aviation Strikes: Direct action at Heathrow, City and Stansted. A roundtable discussion with activists in
Soundings: A journal of politics and culture. Volume 2021 Number 78. ︎︎︎Read Here

UK Wiki Country Report for migration-control.info. June 2021. 
︎︎︎ Read Here

The Stansted 15 Have Won – What Can We Learn From Their Four-Year Legal Battle? Novara Media. February 4 2021.
︎︎︎ Read Here 

Liberty Without Borders
DOPE Magazine. November 11 2018.
︎︎︎ Read Here

The Women of Western Uma
gal-dem Magazine. 2017.

Consented Magazine. 2017.

An Architecture of Resistance
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︎︎︎ Read Here