Helen Brewer

“A Guideline for Feminist Research or ...”

Taken from  Feminist Research: Science, Violence and Responsibility.

Maria Mies, Ecofeminism (1993)


1. Value free research (neutral and indifferent towards the research objects) has to be replaced by conscious partiality.


2. The vertical relationship between researcher and 'researched objects', the view from above must be replaced by the 'view from below'.


3. The contemplative , uninvolved 'spectator knowledge' must be replaced by active participation in actions, movements and struggles for women's emancipation.


4. Change of the status quo must become the starting point for this scientific quest.


5. The research process must become a process of 'conscientization'.


6. This must be accompanied by the study of women's individual and social history.


7. Women cannot begin to appropriate their own history unless they begin to collectivise their own experiences.