Helen Brewer



Public Nature with StellePolari


Among the colorful erosive hills of Val Marecchia stands Pennabilli, a little village between two rock outcrops: here, you can find a square, a convent, a garden of forgotten fruits, a mill, many fields and a public park, but nobody uses it. During the year the park is filled from time to time by: a wave of wild daffodils, the tents of people attending a performative art festival, thousands of fireflies. On one side, an open sloping grassland reminds the former agricultural setting and the characters of this 'migrant landscape', on the other side, an ornamental wood left deserted from thirty years is now silently regained by oaks and woodpeckers.


How to stay in this space? How to invite the inhabitants and passers-by of Pennabilli to cross the open borders of the park, and what might they expect to find there? What could be the best way to address this piece of landscape and re-connect it to the village and to the surrounding valley?




Facilitating Feminism


A series of workshops exploring how marginalised people, particularly women, negotiate the social and spatial aspects of their daily lives to overcome oppression.


Participants work to uncover the significance of how our environments, built or otherwise, architectural surroundings, landscapes, and conceptual places and spaces affect the cultural production of women’s social experiences.