Helen Brewer

Facilitating Feminism #1



What Happens to Us?

22 November

14:00 - 16:00

Wimbledon Space


Take part in an open meeting that seeks to address the pre-figurative policies of consensus-based meetings and their significance within alternative spatial constructs. The space of the meeting is purposefully accessible, purposefully horizontal and purposefully democratic. Yet, class, gender,  and privilege still exist and can shift and divide the balance of power into the hands of a small minority; contrasting readily with the intentions of the community. In any alternatively constructed space this can both empower, suppress, and challenge the participants who take part.


What is a feminist space?


What is a safe space?


If we dare to examine the role of feminism in other social struggles, from the  environment to politics, "you see the same patterns that are working on the outside... we are dealing with the same shit" (Blanco, L. Gender Dynamics in an Alternative Community: An Ethnographic Research, 2016).


What do we need?


How will this place change?


How do you participate?


In this meeting you are welcome to propose agenda points that we can work towards in order to facilitate and affect change in your community and your institution. We will discuss the necessity to construct awareness that goes beyond our political claims.





Facilitating Feminism #1

(13) page document transcribed by Pippa Koszerek.